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Jeg håber det er ok med lidt nyheder???

Hilsen svend

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Red Hat. Under the Brim. July 2002.
Red Hat. Under the Brim. Newsletter July 2002
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We have just released Red Hat's 2002 Annual Report--highlighting customers like Amazon.com, DreamWorks, and British Petroleum, and a school system in North Carolina, that have migrated to Red Hat Linux.

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The number and breadth of applications included with Red Hat Linux and Red Hat Linux Advanced Server is enormous. A few important ones you should know:

rpm -- Red Hat's package management system
cvs -- a powerful version control mechanism
up2date -- the core client application of Red Hat Network
sysctl -- a mechanism for configuring runtime kernel settings

Red Hat Linux Advanced Server provides additional applications for configuring and managing high-availability and load-balancing clusters, including:

cluconfig -- failover configuration utility
cluadmin -- failover service configuration utility
clustat -- terminal-based monitoring utility
Cluster Viewer -- web-based monitoring of failover clusters
piranha -- suite of utilities for load balancing

Red Hat Global Learning Services is pleased to announce a new course, Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management, that shows how to use these and other applications to manage multiple systems efficiently and effectively.

Please note that this is an advanced class, and that course participants must have RHCE or equivalent-level skills and knowledge.

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Get additional training information:

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In a June 18 announcement, HP and Red Hat committed to certify and release Red Hat Linux Advanced Server across HP's Proliant Servers, blade servers, and Intel Itanium 2-based servers and workstations--expecting to be the first Advanced Server/Itanium 2-based systems available.

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You've said it before. "I wish there was a 'Microsoft Project' for Linux." Well, stop it. There is! Mr. Project. And it ships with Red Hat Linux 7.3. It has everything you're looking for in a project management tool: Gantt charts, task wizards, at-a-glance calendars.

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In this month's edition of Tips and Tricks we introduce Evolution, an Outlook-style mail client for Linux, and focus on one of our favorite features: mail filtering.

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Last month, the Mozilla.org group released the long-anticipated Mozilla web browser version 1.0--nearly four years in the making. Under the Brim sat down with Chris Blizzard, Red Hat's main contributor to the project, to discuss Mozilla, the state of the web browser, and the far-reaching benefits of reading the Economist.

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The World Cup is over. Nothing but reruns on television. Too hot to go outside. (At least in our part of the world.) So what now? Read! Here are five books on our summer reading list. If you want, you can put them on yours.

p.s. Why do we link to Amazon.com for these books? Because Amazon.com runs Red Hat Linux, of course...

1. "Running Linux"
Matt Welsh, et al (O'Reilly)
Running Linux
The one-stop guide to installing, maintaining, networking Linux. Includes a comprehensive installation tutorial, info on system maintenance, tools for document development and programming. Plus, there's a really cool cowboy on the cover.

2. "Linux in a Nutshell"
Ellen Siever, et al (O'Reilly)
Linux in a Nutshell
If "Running Linux" is Batman, this is Robin. Spock to Captain Kirk. Or Mini-Me to Dr. Evil. Whatever. "Linux in a Nutshell" makes the perfect sidekick--a quick and complete guide to the core commands of Linux.

3. "Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration"
Terry Collings and Kurt Wall (Red Hat Press)
Red Hat Networking and System Administration
Ok, so this is a plug for a Red Hat Press book. So what. Read it and you'll see why. It delivers the goods--everything you need to know to set up and manage a Linux network. Also includes strategies for maintaining system security.

4. "Red Hat Linux Survival Guide"
Mohammed J. Kabir (Red Hat Press)
Red Hat Survival Guide
A survival guide you'll actually use. Not like those books that tell you what to do if you're walking in the woods and a bear jumps out and takes your arm off. As the back cover says, "Exceptionally clear instructions for installation, upgrades, and dual-booting."

5. "The Future of Ideas"
Lawrence Lessig (Vintage Books)
The Future of Ideas
Ok, serious reading now. Want to know about the future of intellectual property and copyright law? Read this. Technology is the new frontier. Mega-corporations are ready to snap it up like greedy real estate developers when we're not looking.

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He can lobby Congress with one hand, throunce you at Galaga with the other! He maps the human genome with an Atari 2600 and a Pong paddle! The tri-county squat-lifting championship is his to lose!... He's the Shadowman... And last month we asked you to send him your questions about Red Hat Linux applications.

@ Read Shadowman's answers in all their molar-grinding brilliance

NEXT MONTH: Imagine you're at LinuxWorld and you see Shadowman. What's the one technical question you would ask him?

Send your question right now to: askshadowman@redhat.com

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Enterprise Systems Management

Join Red Hat Network Senior Engineers as they guide you through enterprise systems management with Red Hat Network. Topics include advanced setup and grouping techniques, as well as an in-depth look at security with disconnected options.

Date: Wednesday, July 17
Time: 2 p.m. EDT
Speakers: Jay Turner, Quality Assurance Manager
               Greg DeKoenigsberg, Red Hat Network Web Engineering Manager
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RHCE: Prove what you can do

Red Hat Certification Manager Randy Russell will explain how you can profit from taking one or a combination of Red Hat training courses. You'll get an overview of class descriptions and a detailed look at RHCE certification.

Date: Tuesday, July 23
Time: 2 p.m. EDT
Speaker: Randy Russell, Red Hat Certification Manager
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Application Performance and Scalability with Red Hat Linux Advanced Server

Join Nick Carr, Red Hat Enterprise Marketing, as he gives a technical overview of the features available in Red Hat Linux Advanced Server. Attendees of this webcast will receive a complementary whitepaper.

Date: Wednesday, July 24
Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (US)
Speaker: Nick Carr, Red Hat Enterprise Marketing
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Red Hat Content Management Solution

Content Management is the most recent addition to Red Hat's portfolio of industry-leading software solutions. Red Hat CMS is an end-to-end solution for developing, managing, and publishing content on the Web. A feature-rich solution for enterprise, government, and educational institutions, Red Hat CMS helps you deploy the solution quickly, plus customize and scale your system as your needs grow. Join us to learn more.

Date: Tuesday, July 30
Time: 2 p.m. EDT (US)
Speaker: Ed Boyajian, Content & Collaboration Management Marketing
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CNET Survey: Red Hat tops IBM and Sun in list of most relevant tech companies

CRN Salary Survey 2002: RHCE's earn highest pay raises

ZDNet: Face to Face with Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik

InfoWorld: HP, Red Hat bring Linux to Itanium 2

LinuxWorld: Oracle cements Red Hat's place in the corporate world

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Maybe you just need some specific information from a book and you need it now. Here's an easy way to get instant access to hundreds of top technology books right at your desktop. Red Hat and O'Reilly have teamed up to offer this convenient service through Safari Tech Books Online.

Subscribe to the Safari service and you can:
- Access the latest titles from the world's foremost IT publishers
- Select the book you want, view the chapter or section you need immediately online
- Paste code to save time and eliminate typographical errors
- Make notes on the material you find useful
- Choose whether or not to share them with your work group
- Customize a library for you, your department, or your entire organization
- Pay only for what you need

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Borland Kylix brings the advantages of rapid application development (RAD) to Red Hat Linux, delivering integrated native compilers and debuggers, and an intuitive IDE.

With two-way visual development tools and hundreds of pre-built, customizable components and classes, Kylix lets you streamline application design and development and build high-performance database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications.

@ Learn more about the upcoming release of Borland C++ for Linux or download Kylix Open Edition or Kylix Enterprise Trial

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Smart Networks Developer Forum
New Orleans, LA
July 21-24

San Francisco, CA
August 13-15
Free Pass

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Last month we asked for your stories on how Linux has brought you closer to another culture. Much like the World Cup has done for billions of people around the world.

And just for the sake of curiosity, we also asked you to pick a World Cup winner. Brazil was a top (and wise) choice, along with England, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal.

Now for the honorable mentions. From Alex T.:

"When I picked up the Linux box the girl standing next to me said, wow, you use Linux as well? From that chance meeting we have had a couple of dates! I'm Australia and she's Vietnamese :) and go go Korea for the world cup!"

This story came from Paul N.:

"Funny you should mention Brazil, because that's where I finally made the culture connection with Linux. I was in the state of Sao Paulo, in Ribeirao Preto. One day, this fellow we were talking to on the road asked us "Hey, any of you heard about Linux?" I could hardly contain myself. Looks like he was installing Linux (I don't remember the distro) on his system, and couldn't figure out what to do with fdisk (this was a while ago). So, we popped on in his house, and one 2 liter bottle of Guarana later, he was the proud owner of a fully functional Linux system! It was nice to be able to communicate with someone about such a topic as computers and Linux, finally!"

"Oh, and about that Cup? I haven't been following it, but if I had, Brazil!"
(Good choice, Paul.)

And our winner, from Saravanan K.S.:

"Actually, I've not learned any foreign language or culture using Linux but I can very well relate it to a practice in our own culture in India. Whenever someone wants to build a temple here, the person, even if he is rich enough to fund for the entire project, collects contributions from the society and uses it to build the temple. There is a very big social moral behind it. In this way no individual actually becomes proprietor of the temple which is supposed to be a place open for the various entities of the society. Hence the purpose of service of the temple is not disturbed. Wherever I've delegated Linux, I've used this point to gain mindshare of people for Linux against the myth stating that 'there is no ownership for Linux.'"

Saravanan also gave us a thoroughly complex mathematical calculation that proved Brazil would win the Cup. We couldn't argue with the logic, and apparently neither could Germany...

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LinuxWorld is coming. (Get your free pass here.)

Get ready. Because you'll see it all at a technology tradeshow: Magicians, hired hucksters, provocatively dressed women applying temporary tattoos on tradeshow attendees and snapping Polaroids to preserve the moment. We've seen it. It happens.

There are no limits to the depths some companies will go to attract attention.

Ok, maybe there are limits. You're going to help us find out. Your task for contest 34: Come up with the best way we can attract attention to the Red Hat booth. No matter how wild or shameless. It helps if your entry somehow relates to Red Hat or Linux. But as past tradeshows will tell you--that's not always necessary.

If your suggestion wins, and it won't get us arrested, we just might do it. The winner will also get a free Red Hat t-shirt, so new it hasn't been released to the public...

Send your entry to: feedback@redhat.com

And hey, if you attend LinuxWorld, drop by and tell us you read Under The Brim. We like that.

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