[Forum] Kørsel til Dobbelt-foredrag hos FLUG søndag den 4. marts

From: Anders Riis Espersen <aresp@tdk.dk>
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 09:02:38 CET


Hvis der er interesse for fælleskørsel, kan jeg godt køre og har plads til 4
mvh Anders Riis (Tranbjerg) € aresp@tdk.dk

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> Emne: [Announce] Dobbelt-foredrag hos FLUG søndag den 4. marts
> Fra Fyns Linux User Group (FLUG) har vi modtaget nedenstående invitation
> til
> dobbelt-foredrag på søndag den 4. marts. For yderligere lignende
> arrangementer se vores kalender på http://aalug.dk/adict som indeholder
> Linux arrangementer for de fleste LUG'er i DK.
> ====================================================================
> Foredrag med Matthias Ettrich og Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
> Søndag 14.00 - 17.00
> Odense Universitet lokale U45 (http://www.sdu.dk/Kort/ULok/U45.html)
> Pris 30Kr - betales ved indgangen.
> Begge foredrag vil være på engelsk.
> ====================================================================
> Søndag har FLUG den store ære at præsentere to vigtige personer i Linux
> verdenen, nemlig to af hovedmændene bag KDE.
> Matthias Ettrich vil først tale om behovet for en komponent model i Linux.
> Herefter vil Kalle Dalheimer tage over og tale om den nye udgave af KDE,
> samt hvad man kan forvente af fremtiden hvad KDE angår.
> ========================================
> Matthias Ettrict
> Components - Universal Interoperability
> ========================================
> Components have proved to be extremely successful in the software
> market. When Microsoft introduced the VBX control for Visual Basic an
> entire market was created for third party components. Since that time many
> other vendors have brought component technologies to market, for example
> Borland with its VCL components. Microsoft continues to develop and extend
> COM (ported to Unix by Software AG) and many Linux based technologies have
> been developed.
> Component systems allow developers to build applications with third party
> code which is often more economical than building entire systems
> in-house. Users can also benefit because they can swap components in their
> applications. Third party vendors can provide additional functionality in
> plugins which can extend applications or replace less functional
> components. Component technologies also allow organisations to create
> component libraries which can continue to be used even if the development
> languages they use change. Components are provided in binary format rather
> than source code; installation may be as simple as placing a file in a
> particular directory with no compilation being necessary.
> In the Linux world there are a number of component systems; but they do
> not
> necessarily interoperate. Applications which are built to use one kind of
> component are often unable to use another kind of component and vice
> versa. The problem is primarily technical rather than political. Many
> existing component systems work very well in their own
> environments. However, their widely differing range of functionality
> prevents them from being ported to other environments, so consolidation is
> unlikely.
> With the arrival of Delphi and other RAD tools in the Linux world their
> component systems will further fragment the market. Without universal
> interoperability the cost of Linux development will be high compared to,
> say MS-Windows, where a single component architecture dominates.
> In this talk, we are going to sketch the specification of a universal
> component architecture.
> ======================
> About Matthias Ettrich
> ======================
> A native German, Matthias has emigrated to Oslo in
> fall 1998 where he works as Senior Software Engineer for Trolltech AS. He
> is the initial author of the LyX document processor and the founder of the
> KDE project. Within KDE, Matthias mainly works on the libraries and the
> core desktop components like the DCOP middleware and the window manager
> KWin. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Civil Law from the
> University of Tuebingen, Germany.
> ========================
> Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
> KDE 2
> ========================
> Kalle Dalheimer vil demonstrere de nye features I KDE2.X samt tale om
> arbejdet der ligger bag udviklingen af disse.
> Desuden vil han tale om fremtids planer for KDE. Dette inkludere
> "anti-aliasing" samt "desktop voice control"
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