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Linux + Windows HOWTO v0.1.0 1999-11-04
Robert J. Meier
Jonathan Katz


Winmodems are a class of devices including
winprinters, winscanners. Winmodems are a subset
of the class of devices that achieve low-cost by
replacing hardware in their convential
equivalents with firmware run by the host. The
drawback of these devices is that their dependence
on the host usually slows or prohibits other
operations simultaneously on the host.

By analogy low-cost headlights for an automobile
might consist of a flashlight atop a battery tray
that sits in the front passenger seat. To use the
headlights, you must start the car, remove the
battery from the car, and install the car battery
in the flashlight tray. The headlight cost is
reduced by the cost of the solenoid, dashboard
switch, wiring, and fuses. If you use the
headlights, the limitations mean that you can't
carry a front passenger, you can't restart the
car, you can't use the car radio, and the fuel
guage reads empty.

Winmodems are distinct from the slightly larger
class of these low-cost devices by the fact that
they use proprietary firmware included in the
Windows operating system. In the United States,
it is illegal to sell firmware to use this
proprietary firmware without Microsoft consent.
At press time, the price of Microsoft consent is
only slightly less than the cost of a convential

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