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From: Frederik Dannemare <frederik@dannemare.dk>
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 13:41:45 CET

Peter Salus besøger landet

Programmet ser ud som følger:


Mandag den 25. februar 2002 kl. 16, Søauditoriet, Auditoriethuset, Aarhus
Universitets park. 16:00 AALUG /v Michael H. Jacobsen byder
foredragsholderne velkommen 16:05 TDC@ /v Lars Torpe Christoffersen indleder
foredragene 16:15 Dr. Peter H. Salus: "Trauma on the Internet"


Over the decades since the beginning of the ARPAnet in 1969, a variety of
mishaps has bedeviled the networks. In addition to bad software and bad
routers, the past ten years have brought us natural disasters (e.g.
earthquakes, hurricanes), malicious mischief (e.g. DDoS attacks, Code Red,
Nimda), terrestrial and maritime cable cuts (Ohio, China Sea), and outright
assaults (9/11). This talk will illustrate the effects and discuss the ways
that the Internet has handled them and what the future may hold. 17:00 Dr.
Jørgen Staunstrup: "Business as usual"


The past few years have demonstrated that the Internet, WWW, and IT in
general are not in itself sufficient to sustain a healthy business. However,
there are also plenty of examples demonstrating that IT-technology can add
significant value to products and services. This is illustrated with
examples such as the emergence on the Danish scene of a commercial Internet
based on micropayments and the success of the mobile internet in Asia.

Der er her plads til omkring 500 mennesker.

AALUG foredrag på Datalogisk Institut
Tirsdag den 26. februar 2002 kl. 17, Det store auditorium, Datalogisk
Institut, Åbogade, 8000 Aarhus C.. 17:00 AALUG /v Michael H. Jacobsen byder
foredragsholderen velkommen 17:05 Dr. Peter H. Salus: "A Decade of Linux:


Linux was `born' on 17 September 1991. Since then it has expanded
fantastically and taken on a world-wide presence. This presentation will
examine the growth an development of open and free software, the forces that
impel it, and the milestones in the growth and development of Linux.

Der er plads til omkring 150 mennesker

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