[Announce] Dobbelt-foredrag hos FLUG søndag den 4. marts

From: Claus Glavind <claus.glavind@adcore.com>
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 08:34:37 CET

Fra Fyns Linux User Group (FLUG) har vi modtaget nedenstående invitation til
dobbelt-foredrag på søndag den 4. marts. For yderligere lignende
arrangementer se vores kalender på http://aalug.dk/adict som indeholder
Linux arrangementer for de fleste LUG'er i DK.

         Foredrag med Matthias Ettrich og Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
                           Søndag 14.00 - 17.00
   Odense Universitet lokale U45 (http://www.sdu.dk/Kort/ULok/U45.html)
                    Pris 30Kr - betales ved indgangen.
                    Begge foredrag vil være på engelsk.

Søndag har FLUG den store ære at præsentere to vigtige personer i Linux
verdenen, nemlig to af hovedmændene bag KDE.

Matthias Ettrich vil først tale om behovet for en komponent model i Linux.
Herefter vil Kalle Dalheimer tage over og tale om den nye udgave af KDE,
samt hvad man kan forvente af fremtiden hvad KDE angår.

                             Matthias Ettrict
                  Components - Universal Interoperability

Components have proved to be extremely successful in the software
market. When Microsoft introduced the VBX control for Visual Basic an
entire market was created for third party components. Since that time many
other vendors have brought component technologies to market, for example
Borland with its VCL components. Microsoft continues to develop and extend
COM (ported to Unix by Software AG) and many Linux based technologies have
been developed.

Component systems allow developers to build applications with third party
code which is often more economical than building entire systems
in-house. Users can also benefit because they can swap components in their
applications. Third party vendors can provide additional functionality in
plugins which can extend applications or replace less functional
components. Component technologies also allow organisations to create
component libraries which can continue to be used even if the development
languages they use change. Components are provided in binary format rather
than source code; installation may be as simple as placing a file in a
particular directory with no compilation being necessary.

In the Linux world there are a number of component systems; but they do not
necessarily interoperate. Applications which are built to use one kind of
component are often unable to use another kind of component and vice
versa. The problem is primarily technical rather than political. Many
existing component systems work very well in their own
environments. However, their widely differing range of functionality
prevents them from being ported to other environments, so consolidation is

With the arrival of Delphi and other RAD tools in the Linux world their
component systems will further fragment the market. Without universal
interoperability the cost of Linux development will be high compared to,
say MS-Windows, where a single component architecture dominates.

In this talk, we are going to sketch the specification of a universal
component architecture.

                          About Matthias Ettrich

A native German, Matthias has emigrated to Oslo in
fall 1998 where he works as Senior Software Engineer for Trolltech AS. He
is the initial author of the LyX document processor and the founder of the
KDE project. Within KDE, Matthias mainly works on the libraries and the
core desktop components like the DCOP middleware and the window manager
KWin. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Civil Law from the
University of Tuebingen, Germany.

                         Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
                                   KDE 2

Kalle Dalheimer vil demonstrere de nye features I KDE2.X samt tale om
arbejdet der ligger bag udviklingen af disse.

Desuden vil han tale om fremtids planer for KDE. Dette inkludere
"anti-aliasing" samt "desktop voice control"
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